Mark Provenzano

Investment Advisor Representative

Mark Provenzano is the Founder and Principal of Hedged Private Wealth, a Wealth Management and Financial Planning Firm.  Mark is a licensed Investment Advisor Representative with more than 21 years of dedicated service in the financial industry.

Mark obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the University of Holy Cross.  He effectively specializes in wealth preservation, accumulation, and most importanly, distribution of assets for his clients.  His mission is to provide an advanced level of excellence in wealth management, tax planning, and alternative portfolio modeling by delivering a full range of sound financial strategies.  

Mark has been the featured speaker at many seminars, educating attendees on various topics including Financial Planning and Wealth Management, as well as Medicare Programs.  Additionally, he has personally developed programs to help educate and meet the healthcare needs of individuals who are underserved and underprivileged. 

Hedged Private Wealth believes that wealth accumulation, while simultaneously preserving the client’s assets, is paramount.  Central to this philosophy is the vigilant recognition that losses can devastate a retirement plan more than gains can help it.  As Founder and Principal, Mark strives to consistently align the firm’s ideologies, thoughts, and recommendations with its clients' wishes and best interests.  He ensures that all clients are promised honesty, integrity, ethical considerations in recommendations, and most importantly, service to them.


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